A Target Language Thanksgiving!

Tuesday of Thanksgiving week is always particularly hard to keep high schoolers on task.  For that reason, many teachers give tests–ensuring that students have to stay focused and quiet.

For half a class period during each of my classes, I had to run another teacher’s speaking tests (because she was absent), so I made a deal with my students.  As long as they stayed on task and completed an independent Cloze while the substitute was with them, we’d do something fun for the second half of class.  Needless to say, every class worked hard while I was with the other teacher’s class.

So what did we do?  I stole this idea from my colleague, Rebecca Gould.  She printed out a Turkey coloring page and on each feather, students had to write one thing for which they were thankful in the target language.  There are around 15 feathers on these turkeys.  Then the students colored them if they had time remaining.  Finally, I had my students hang them in the hallway for everyone to see.

Gratitude is a huge determining factor for happiness and happiness is big factor in success.  Hopefully this activity helped our students in more ways than one, besides being fun :).

Input welcome and wanted!

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