Election Day in High School

This year, election day happened to fall right in the middle of my level 3 classes making environmental recommendations with the subjunctive.  Taking a break from the environment, I had my students write a letter to whomever won the election, giving him advice on how to make everyone happy.  I encouraged students to make as outlandish requests as possible to make it more fun, though as with every writing, they had to give details and elaboration while incorporating transition, sequencing, and flavoring words.

It was a riot!  One student recommended that the president give him a tiger because he likes tigers and does not have one.  Other students recommended that college be free for everyone, that the president should give them cars and houses, a million dollars, etc, etc.

It was a fun break from our thematic unit while practicing much needed skills for their end of semester essay test.  In 4 years, we’ll do it again :).

Input welcome and wanted!

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