‘Twas the night before school started

night before school starts

This past week was a whirlwind, but I was thankfully able to leave school Friday night at 7:15pm without returning at all this weekend.  I am so excited for this school year to begin.  I cannot wait to meet my new students and to teach a level I’ve never taught before–Spanish 2 Honors.  I have taught Spanish 1, 2 and 3 on level, but never have I ever taught 2H.  I hear I’m going to love it :).

I am beginning this year differently than I normally do.  I plan to spend an entire week on setting the tone.  Each day we will do an icebreaker (thank you AVID Summer Institute for the many ideas) and a team-building activity.  Together, we will explore what is collaboration and what it’s not (thank you Rebecca Gould) and establish norms–though, I do have veto power.  We are going to have fun together everyday, and of course I will share how the week goes.

Good luck sleeping tonight, fellow teachers!  Cheers to the start of another new year!


  1. Your passion and enthusiasm is contagious! So glad I get to work with you! Love ya L-J! Sleep well and have a great first day!


  1. […] a great first week of school and that you have all been setting the tone!  If not… Read this, also this, and this.  There’s more, but just go back to posts from last August and/or […]

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