There’s an app for that: Remind 101

remind101 c

Need an easy and quick way to contact parents and/or students?  Remind 101 is a website and an app where parents and students can subscribe and you can text reminders without exchanging any phone numbers.  I set up my entire account through the iPhone app.  I haven’t even checked out the website.

It’s so simple!  You are assigned an unused phone number.  For each group (I did mine by class period), you are given a code.  Group members text their code to number to subscribe to your messages.  Standard texting rates apply.  They can easily unsubscribe at any time without the teacher having to do a thing.  If anyone tries to text the number, a message comes back saying that messages cannot be sent to that number.  If anyone calls it, a message reports that it’s not a working phone number.

For now, this service is free, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that changes before too long.  Get your account now!

Input welcome and wanted!

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