4-Corners Brainstorm

4-Corners Brainstorm in the collaboration space

4-Corners Brainstorm in the collaboration space

The other day, with only a few minutes to spare in class, I wanted to see what food words my 2H students remember from Spanish 1.  I placed butcher paper in the 4 corners of the room (after 1 class, I relocated to a collaboration space).  Each piece was labeled with “Breakfast,” “Lunch,” “Dinner,” and “Snack” in the target language.  I gave the students 30 seconds to get to a corner.  Then the groups had 3 minutes to write as many foods as they could that related to the meal.  After 3 minutes, groups rotated.  At the next corner, the students read what had already been brainstormed and added to it.  They cycled through the remaining two corners before we gathered whole group.  At that point, I went through each of the foods and the students yelled out “healthy” or “unhealthy” in the target language.  We got cut off by the bell, which I felt was  perfect timing.  They left Spanish excited and energized and were ready to continue on with the next part of the activity.  To be continued…


  1. […] after this post, I continued the activity at the end of the next class period.  I had the students write an exit […]

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