25 minutes: reaching the full potential

I stole this activity from a presentation by Jane Shea and Greg Shields.

1. Have your students participate in an interpersonal speaking activity and record them for 5 minutes.

2. Have students make a T-chart.  Students should listen to the recording and take notes on their partner and themselves.

3. Give the students 2 minutes to take additional notes. (I added that step)

4. Have the students put their pens/pencils down and look over their notes for 60 seconds.

5. Record the students in a 2-minute presentational speaking (comparing and contrasting themselves with their original partner).

6. Playback the recording with some guidelines on what to listen for (like vocab usage, details and elaboration) or give them a copy of the rubric you typically use to grade them to assess either themselves or another (they can trade headsets).

This entire activity took 25 minutes and covered the following:

  • Interpersonal Speaking
  • Interpretive Listening
  • Synthesizing Information
  • Presentational Speaking
  • Self or Peer Evaluation

We clapped for ourselves and patted ourselves on the back for an awesome half of a class period. 🙂

Input welcome and wanted!

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