4 Corners Continued!

So after this post, I continued the activity at the end of the next class period.  I had the students write an exit card on a post-it note that explained what their favorite meal is and why.  Students then posted their card on labeled butcher paper hanging on the wall in the hallway.  Each class period got a different color post-it.

The next day, each class was allowed to pick 1 post-it of a color different than his/her class.  The students stuck it to a sheet of paper and wrote why they agreed or disagreed with the person’s opinion.  Today, the students got theirs back (it would have happened Friday but I had to leave to take my daughter to the doctor) but due to a lack of time, only had time to read them and discuss with a partner before we went onto another AMAZING activity by Jane Shea that I will discuss on my next post :).

Input welcome and wanted!

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