Job – my greatest takeaway


I had many takeaways from my time in the book of Job…
❤️ When we have an issue, we should talk directly to God, not about God.
❤️ God shouts in our pain.
❤️ Times of sorrow are opportunities to have the most spiritual growth.
❤️ When we mess up, we must humble return to God and ask for forgiveness.
❤️ God allows trials to help us grow. Whether we grow or not, is dependent on how we choose to handle it. Choose to rely on God.

The most important thing I truly learned through the study of Job is that the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth is in times of trial. When the study began, I was at the tail end of the depression phase of the stages of grief. I thought anger was hard, depression took the cake. It was extremely hard to go through Job’s pain at first. But God shouted to me through my pain and it was awesome! So much beauty has come out of one of the hardest seasons of my life, the greatest being my growth in faith–not just the belief/feeling, but the acting in faith. I now put feet to my faith and trust God completely! I’m no longer a slave to fear. I got on a plane and now no longer have my flying dreams, even my elevator-in-tall buildings nightmares that I had weekly forever have stopped. I stress less on ramps and bridges. My world has changed. While in that depression phase, I was forced to put feet to my faith, and I’m so glad because God shouted that He was with me and my faith is my strongest attribute. The study of Job was timed perfectly as I transitioned to acceptance of my new normal and through this, my faith has been solidified.

Input welcome and wanted!

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