Mark 1 – SOAKing the Bible

I recently read Mark as a part of my year read through the entire Bible, though I did not pause to SOAK it like we are now. As I expected, there were so many verses I could have chosen to write about–I was a bit overwhelmed after Job where I often struggled to connect to even 1 verse in each chapter. The one I chose this read through Mark 1 is verse 35 because I am on a mission to be more Christlike. In this first chapter we see the importance of prayer/Bible time as Jesus started His day in prayer. We should all strive to be like Christ, praying, loving, serving, caring for others. We are some people’s only glimpse of Christ and while we cannot ever be perfect, we have a responsibility to others to help them see Christ so they will recognize their need for Him and want to be His. If we want to be successful fishers of men (verse 17), we have to be like Christ. Plus, our time in the word transforms us. I can personally attest to this based on my experiences in the last year in my walk with Jesus.

Input welcome and wanted!

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