Blog-Tember Challenge~ Day 1: Introduce Yourself

I remember seeing a post this summer about the upcoming Blog-Tember challenge… Fast forward to today and I saw a post about day 3. Oops! I’m behind!

So, hey! My name is Laura-Jane but my friends mostly call me LJ. I’m a missionary for Jesus Christ cleverly disguised as a wife, mother, teacher and network marketing professional who loves books, coffee, tacos and wine! In all honesty, that sums me up pretty well. 

My husband and I have been married for almost 11 years. We met online when it was still taboo. He is retired military which means our relationship has been through 3 deployments and all the emotional issues that come with that. He now is a middle school teacher and we are blessed to never have to worry about being apart again.

We have two children. We have a son who is ten and obsessed with video games, his first cell phone (it only has calling and texting) and basketball. He lives for traipsing around the neighborhood with his buddies. We also have a daughter who is seven-going-on-seventeen. She’s sassy and sweet. Her current faves are running around the neighborhood like one of the big kids, fashion (yes, already at seven) and playing with her friends.

Now back to me… I am extremely social though I get my energy from my alone time. I am outspoken and loud, a recovered shy girl who cannot seem to get enough attention now that I’ve overcome that obstacle. Nevertheless, I go crazy if I don’t get some alone time everyday. As a morning person, this means I usually get up at 5am to get my me time.

I’m loyal to a fault. I love with my whole heart and if you make it into my inner circle, I will do anything for you. My love language is quality time so I am the friend that rarely flakes out and who absolutely hates to be cancelled on. I typically only commit to things I want to do and cannot imagine cancelling. 

I am a mess and am so thankful for my relationship with Jesus which has truly transformed my life. I grew up with faith, but it didn’t become my number one until a year ago. It took having the rug pulled out from under me for me to truly commit my life to Jesus. While the processed sucked, I am so thankful because my faith now has deep roots.

Lastly, I love social media and know that people who act like they are above it don’t really get it. I am thankful for the online community I have through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Input welcome and wanted!

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