New [School] Year Resolutions

I know it’s cheesy, but I think it’s time for some New School Year Resolutions!  Here are mine:

1. Blog something cool we did in class at least once a week.  If this doesn’t keep me on my toes and challenge me to do innovative things, well, nothing will.  Plus, I need to get my money’s worth out of this domain and design so I can justify the small expensive.

2. Find a way to incorporate Edmodo at least 3 times a grading period.  I already showed it to my students, and they have a week to sign up and join their class period.  Their first assignment is to answer a poll.  I am challenging myself to do other things 9 times a semester. Let me be honest, I am hoping I use it waaaaaay more than 9 times this semester.  Ideas are welcome!  Please comment!

3. Get as much use out of my iPad in the classroom as possible.  This summer, at the AVID Summer Institute, I learned of an iPad app that has a Cornell Notes option.  Well guess what I discovered… It also has a two subject weekly lesson planner option.  My lesson plans are going digital!  Additionally, I downloaded a timer app since my timer has died.  I have various preset timers so I can quickly start it when necessary.  I’m sure there’s so much else I can do.  Again, comment with ideas!

4. Incorporate at least 3 AVID activities/strategies a semester.  I had an AMAZING experience at the AVID Summer Institute and was really inspired to use everything I learned.  Every single activity could easily work in the LOTE classroom, and I intend to show it.

There’s so much more I want to do, but I’m going to try to not get too carried away… At least not today :).

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