‘Twas the week after Christmas

‘Twas the week after Christmas,
And you made quite a scene.
You fought and you struggled,
But could not fit in your jeans
Were they washed in hot water?
Or left too long to dry?
They would not go on
No matter how hard you tried.
On with the yoga pants,
And into the refrigerator.
Leftover goodies, they were waiting,
You can always fix the jeans later.
Your tummy is gurgling
With that last ice cream scoop.
Then you ask yourself,
“When last did I poop?”
You hit the recliner
With a cup of hot chocolate.
And consider your plight
As you reach for your wallet.
There are bills to be paid,
And you want to go shopping.
But when you open it up
Your eyes are popping.
“Where did my cash go?”
You wonder with worry.
“How will I make it?
I need cash in a hurry!”
You log into Facebook
To see what your friends think.
There’s that crazy lady
Posting that little pink drink.
She claims you can lose inches.
Get bathroom help, too.
And create a new income.
Sounds too good to be true.
Wait! There’s another one!
She just got a free Lexus!
You give up. You give in.
You’re ready for PLEXUS
Yep. That’s right, folks. I went there. And you read it just like the book, right?
I’m ready to help. 


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