Taking back my family step 1: PRAYER!

This may seem obvious to some, but it’s not obvious all the time to me (though it should be). When I want to make a change, I have to pray about it. 

So, I need do dust off my war room (AKA the master bath tub), write my goals down, paste them on the wall and pray my heart out every single day. That’s right, EVERY SINGLE DAY! The good, the bad and especially the ugly days. I need to pray for God to make us crave each other’s company, to look forward to dinner together, to want to play games and talk to other. God will do it. I don’t doubt it for a second. I need to pray for God to help us grow together through Him. 

I am being realistic in that I’m going to allow us to take baby steps at first. The other step for today is that we will eat dinner together with the TV off and all electronics away but more on that tomorrow… If we survive tonight! Pray for us!

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